Dead Island Receberá Patch no Primeiro Dia de Venda

De alguma forma acidentalmente, a Deep Silver divulgou uma versão ainda em desenvolvimento para Xbox 360 como se fosse uma versão final para PC. A versão era cheia de “bugs” e também causava alguns problemas graves, como apagar todos os seus jogos salvos.

dead island patch

A versão oficial e final já foi lançada corretamente e a Deep Silver emitiu um comunicado:

” First, the correct version of the title is now available on Steam and fans are able to download it now.

Second, the day 1 patch notes in their entirety are below. Please note that the lists circulating around the internet in the past day were not final. Also note that this update may cause incompatibilities between the incorrect version of Dead Island that was released and the fixed version and cause a wipe on saved games. We tried every avenue possible in order to avoid fans having to wipe their saved games and it’s important that fans are made aware of this ASAP. However, we have a solution to help regain some quest progress: When the game opens, select New Game -> Select the same character as you were using before, and then there will be an option for “Chapter Select” which will allow the player to jump to the last chapter they were playing in.

Third, Deep Silver plans to announce a “make up” to fans who were affected by the day 1 PC issues, stay tuned in coming days for those details as internal discussions are ongoing on our end.

Fourth, the Bloodbath DLC is still on schedule as planned – fans who preordered the title will still receive the Bloodbath DLC when it launches (date TBA shortly!) as stated previously.

Fifth, we are aware of The Ripper activation bug which will not load as a result of the version update and this will be fixed in the next game update, coming soon.

Again, we are deeply sorry for the inconvenience caused to fans who wanted to spend their day crushing some zombie skulls. We are right there with you. “

Confira a lista das “melhorias” que estará contida no patch, em inglês:

“Fixed map synchronization when player joins during map load.

Fixed saving player re-spawn position when playing in co-op mode.

Fixed occasional inability to complete sidequests in Laboratory.

Improved enemy awareness (zombies).

Fixed occasional bug with NPC’s hands bend (IK)

Fixed spawning enemies in some quests after joining co-op game.

Fixed showing locations on invisible NPCs.

Fixed potential path blocker when quest “Knockin’ on heaven’s door” was completed before talking to Dominik during the “On the air” quest.

Fixed displaying gather rings near some doors.

Fixed enemy reaction to fire.

Fixed enemies’ health and stamina bars in co-op.

Fixed filtering of games in lobby.

Volume of pickup’s engine has been increased.

Fixed a number of issues causing game instability.

Fixed the switching of maps upon player death.

Fixed enemies unable to reach the player on some arenas.

Thrown items cannot be picked up by co-op players for five minutes.

Items from freshly opened containers cannot be picked up by other players for five seconds to prevent theft.

Fixed animation glitch when trading with team members.

More than one player can use a ladder at the same time.

Fixed stomping execution animation when target’s attacked by a second player.

Fixed the infinite respawning of shooting enemies.

Fixed not hiding menu if players die inside a vehicle.

Fixed item level calculation when playing New Game Plus.

Added information about players requesting pause in co-op.

Fixed A.I. animation glitch after fast-traveling or using a map portal.

Added distinction between quest checkpoints and other types of saves.

Fixed bug causing all inventory to disappear.

Fixed reloading and kicking. After the clip goes in, the reload is a success.

Purna can gain bonus rage from both “Grim Inspiration” and “Inspiring Kick”.

Only “Walker” type enemies increase the extra XP of the “Combo” skill from Xian’s Survival skill tree.

Health regeneration is disabled during grabs.

Focus on items in shops not changing after selling or buying.

More HP for NPCs in escort missions.

Butcher enemies won’t spawn at all during escort missions (hooray!)

Fixed tracking after loading checkpoint.

Increased minimum vertical distance to count a waypoint as passed for NPCs (they no longer wander back-and-forth).”

Dead Island chega esta sexta-feira às lojas europeias para PC, Playstation 3 e Xbox 360.